What is active content & Why Replace Active Content?

What is active content?
Active content is a broad term which covers any type of non-standard text that can be included in item descriptions to provide additional functionality. Such applications can negatively affect the user experience by inhibiting purchasing on mobile devices, increasing page load times, and raising security vulnerabilities.

eBay also strongly suggest you don’t invest in creating or augmenting a custom Store experience with active content since this capability will be retired at a later date.

Active content such as JavaScript and Flash hinders mobile purchases, creates longer load times, and increases security vulnerabilities. To ensure the best shopping experience, it’s important to replace active content in your listings now—before it’s disabled in all listings across all devices starting in June, 2017.

June 2017
Active content in all listings across all devices will be disabled. Use eBay tools or third-party partners to replace any active content in your listings.

Advanced users and third-party partners can go to http://www.i-ways.net/mobile-friendly/en-us/ to find additional details as well as other recommendations to make the listing more mobile-friendly.

In 2018
The policy will extend to eBay Store pages.

Alternatives to Using Active Content

This guide covers the most common cases where you might use active content in your listings. It also offers recommendations to replace active content. By removing active content, you will get the benefits of faster-loading listings that enhance viewing on mobile devices.

In some cases, you may find alternative features and options already built into the listing flow (seller tools, My eBay selling form, and APIs) or in the standard View Item page. In other cases, we provide example code to incorporate CSS/HTML for similar results without using active content.

Other examples of unrelated content that should not be included:

  • Currency conversion widgets: It’s no longer necessary to include this feature. eBay will perform currency conversion for buyers and sellers when necessary.
  • Social sharing icons: Social media site links in listings are not allowed. See eBay’s Links policy document for more information. Fortunately, eBay already has Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest sharing icons at the top of all eBay listings.
  • iframes: iframes are also not allowed in accordance with the eBay HTML and JavaScript policy.
    <!DOCTYPE html> will be added by eBay to the description document so that browser knows what type of document to expect.
  • The following HTML4 elements have been removed in HTML5. So please do not use them.
    Removed Element Use Instead
    <acronym> <abbr>
    <applet> <object>
    <basefont> CSS
    <big> CSS
    <center> CSS
    <dir> <ul>
    <font> CSS
    <strike> CSS, <s>, or <del>
    <tt> CSS


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